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You may be eligible for the GST/HST new residential rental property (NRRP) rebate if you are in one of the following situations: You are a landlord who purchased a newly constructed or substantially renovated residential rental property You are a landlord who built your own residential rental property You are

While a joint tenancy typically allows for a right of survivorship to the surviving tenant(s); this is not de facto the case with matrimonial properties. Section 26 of the Family Law Act (FLA) in Ontario states that if a spouse dies owning a share in a matrimonial home with a

An assignment sale is a type of real estate transaction that occurs when a buyer of a pre- construction home or condo decides to sell their rights to purchase the property to another buyer before the construction of the building is complete. This type of sale transfers the purchase agreement

A Certificate of Pending Litigation (CPL for short) is an encumbrance on title often registered by an party with an interest to warn the public that the property is subject to litigation.  Registering a CPL should have the effect of preventing all dealings with the property (sale, mortgage, financing, etc.)

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